Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cubicals storage and closet clean-up for Scout

Looking into Scout's closet made me twitch:
I don't know how he ever finds his clothes, he can barely get to them.  And those primary colored stacking baskets are from when he was a toddler.  A TODDLER. I told him I would get him a bookcase for storage so he could reclaim the closet for clothes.  And here is the perfect space:
I had a disc chair at the foot of his bed, but he moved it to over by the window, leaving a gaping hole in the room layout that frequently is a dumping ground for clothes, books, you name it.  It was high time to cross this off my list of projects.
 I started by emptying the closet out and giving the shelves a fresh coat of paint, then vacuuming the carpet. (then I went to a blood donation appointment, so I let the fan blow on it a couple hours)
 I think the Cubicals system by Closetmaid is perfect in here.  It's not fancy furniture, but Scout will not mind.  I'm not into building my own furniture and I'm ok with him taking this to college one day and never bringing it back!  I chose the espresso color with two beige fabric bins and a seagrass bin, just to make it interesting.
 Look at all that glorious hanging space!
 It took me about 30 minutes or so to "build" and its a perfect fit.
Organized and neat.  A thing of beauty, people. 
He already had two small fabric bins so I added them in here, too. 
 Three of the stacking baskets can stay in the closet, since they do not obstruct the hanging things.  And the basket on the floor is his dirty clothes hamper.
Everything got dusted, trash emptied, bed made, the room got vacuumed.  He's old enough to do all of that for himself, but I love having it all spiffy for him when he gets home.

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Michelle said...

My daughter is in the process of moving out. After that I will be cleaning carpets and painting. I plan to turn it into a guest room.


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