Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Burlap Valentine Treat Bags

I made some cute little burlap bags to hold treats for my peeps - may as well use some of the stash of fabric I already have and spend some time sewing on a cold day.  Nope - not tired of sewing burlap yet!
I've seen ideas for these on other people's blogs - but they always involved pre-made bags and fabric paint.  I may as well do it from scratch; it's therapeutic for me to sew anyway and it made for a frugal project.
I pulled out my burlap stash - I had some white leftover from the re-do of the memo boards, and some natural leftover from the tree skirt.  
I made a template for a heart out of cardboard, then ironed a bit of fusible interfacing on small squares of pretty fabric scraps before tracing and cutting out the hearts.  This made them less flimsy and easier to sew onto the burlap. 
I just eyeballed the burlap and made the bags all the same size.  I figured if they were bigger than the ones you find at the crafts store, my peeps could use them to store other things later on.  I'm sure the boys won't be too sentimental about them...but you never know.
I pinned the heart about 2/3 of the way down on the crease so it would be centered in the front, and the back of the bag would have the seam - not the sides.  I just thought that would make it nicer looking, and it was easier to center the heart that way.
Then I used a tight zig zag stitch all around each heart to applique it to the burlap, and stitched up the middle of the bag, then across the bottom with right sides together.  I clipped corners, turned it outside out, and pressed.  Wa -La.  A mini burlap bag.  Sweet.
For the top pf the bag, I stitched a mini zig zag a half inch or so from the top edge,  then pulled the extra threads out of the way to make a fringe-y top.  The zig zag will keep it from raveling further.
 And here is the candy stash - I may or may not have sampled a few as I sewed.
They are pretty and pressed and ready to fill - but I placed the candy on a zip loc first to keep it from smelling like burlap.  I wasn't sure if that was something that could happen - but the sewing room was pretty smellyful and I want to make sure the treats stay fresh.
The one is for The Girl.  I am sending it to her with a card and lots of love and a couple of other hopefully a winning scratch off Lotto ticket so she can take a nice vacay over Spring Break...


Marie said...

Cute! :)

Michelle said...

What a cute idea. These would be great for school children.


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