Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January organizing: Food

On Monday I took a day off to get my house back in order for the end of Winter Break and the start of a new year.  What better place to begin than the kitchen?
It took me about and hour and a half, but I feel like I got so much done.  And it all looks so clean!  I repackaged leftovers for Firstborn, wiped down shelves and drawers, tossed stuff that we weren't going to eat.  There is a lot of empty space there, but we have plenty of food, even before I buy my tiny grocery list for Wednesday.
 We seem to accumulate a lot of condiments and pickles and such over the holidays, for some reason.  All the bottles got wiped down and grouped together.
 Baskets are my friends.
Sometimes they have little love notes attached...
 There's a smallish drawer that I put all of the butter, spreads, and cheese in.
Since all of the bins and drawers got wiped clean and organized, I know exactly what we need to use this week.  (I couldn't tell you why we have so many tortillas, but they will get used!)  This drawer is also for bread, lunchmeat, and sliced cheese.
Firstborn brought over a bagful of containers from previous trips home, and not a moment too soon.  I filled those babies up, labeled them, and into the freezer they went for next time he stops by.
The freezer is my least favorite thing to clean,  but you never know what you will find if you don't.  And I ended up with empty space to make some more freezer meals for the crock pot.  Win.
I tackled the pantry too, but there wasn't nearly as much to do since it's mostly dry goods and we have been staying on top of keeping it organized.  Next up:  the kitchen cabinets!

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