Friday, January 17, 2014

5 thing Friday - windows, ornaments, camping, skillet, rosemary

Sometimes by Friday I am bored out of my gourd.  Two days off with chores and errands leaves me with an empty Friday and zero ideas with how to fill it up.  However, today, I have plenty to keep me busy.
Starting with taking down the rest of the Winter-y decor and finding some new curtains for the dining room.  I am over the blue in here.  And speaking of taking down Winter, I need to get the rest of the Christmas put away - specifically the stuff I bought at 75% off. 
I happened to be in World Market right after they marked the remainder down and scored $14 of really pretty baubles for $3.50.  My kind of deal!  I also picked up some cranberry orange pancake mix for a dollar, and some gingerbread mix.  Both of which will warm a chilly morning. The rest of the clearance stuff was wrap, and that has gotten stored for next year already.  Do you do that each year?  I do a little, I'll admit.
The boys camp this weekend...I always think that I will enjoy having the whole house to myself, but it turns out I don't like living alone.  This is the first time I can remember Bubbie being packed and ready to go before Friday.  I will rent a movie and have a nice dinner; they are getting pizza before heading out.  No point in making a nice dinner like last night...
That was when I made this one skillet wonder of chicken and butternut squash from  a recipe I got from Serious Eats.  It was very tasty!  The recipe said you could substitute fresh rosemary for the sage and lucky me, I happened to have some.
Well, turns out it was mostly dried out.  I had purchased it around Christmas for that white wine sangria and it was still in the fridge.  Laying it out in a dish for a few days finished the job and I have dried rosemary now, which is still pungent and great for cooking.
So... whatcha got planned for your Friday?

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