Friday, January 3, 2014

A year for resolutions

On New Year's Day (evening) all of us but The Girl gathered to eat our traditional dinner of Swedish Ham Balls, cabbage, black-eyed peas, cornbread, and champagne.  It was quite the feast!
And it got me to thinking that maybe this year I should consider making some sort of plan for how I want to move forward into 2014.  Call them resolutions if you want.
I want to get a decent DSLR for me.  I want people to see me with the camera and SMILE and act right.  But mostly, I just want better picture quality.  And I want to print up some of my blog - after all, it is a record of our life as a family - I want to look back at it in book form, on my lap.  Maybe share it with grandkids someday.
I also want to get off my rear and get some of the projects done around the house that have been bugging me forever:  Removing the carpet in the hallways and installing tile, repairing the ceiling in the den and repainting all of the ceilings in the house, repairing the deck and re-staining it, getting the garage cleared out enough to park at least one car in there.  I hope to get Hubby on board with all this.  Maybe he and I will have to start having lunch together now and again, and make some plans.
I miss The Girl.  I want to find a way to connect with her on-on-one more often.  She works full time and goes to college, but we should be able to carve a sliver of time out here and there - eat a meal together, just she and I, talk about life.  By December she will graduate and who knows where she will find a job?
I've already started saving for next Christmas.  I want to be in an even better situation with money this year.  I'm not as tight-fisted as I once was, because we are making more than we once did.   But I think it's true that if you watch the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves. Along with that, I want, at year's end, for Hubby and I to have had a vacation.  Something, somewhere.
And lastly, I want to stop feeling wrecked by people outside of my immediate family - I don't want to stand for any more nonsense, either at work, or with my former family.  Believe it or not, I seem to have a lot of that in my life.  This has more to do with my sense of self-worth and  deciding I will not let others get one over on me. 
It's going to be a work in progress.  But isn't every year like that? 

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