Friday, January 31, 2014

5 thing Friday - ice, wine, cleaning, babka, and Scout

On Tuesday morning we awoke to another Icemageddon.  Schools cancelled, roads un-driveable or closed, work delayed, or in my case, missed altogether.
 Hubby is recording the terrifying conditions at our house.
 What better activity than to EAT?  I can't think of any.
 We certainly aren't going to lift weights or move our bodies around.  It's too cold fo dat.
 Unless it's to lift our wineglasses. 
 Irony = boxed wine next to case of protein drink.  His and hers.
These shelves in Bubbie's room were making me twitch.  So crowded.  So dusty.  So full of toys and crap from a couple of years ago.
There's still a lot on there, but now everything has a shelf and he can actually find his books. 
(I spy with my little eye, a starfish, boomerang, a Rubik's cube, and about 20 James Bond VHS tapes)
The fabulousness of chocolate babka - Hubby's birthday breakfast, served with Hill Country Pecan coffee and bacon.  If band camp doesn't wreck our evening I plan on treating him to a date night.
Self-portrait by Scout for the yearbook senior ad.  I see a repeat of 2010 coming on - me going through photos for the build up to graduation, crying all the way...
Bring on the weekend.

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