Thursday, December 26, 2013

Scenes from our Christmas

I didn't take a lot of photos on Christmas Day - I left that up to Hubby, and I've yet to get his SD card and import those.  I tried not to obsess over posed pics, so I mostly have candids.  It was good not to stress it.
By lunchtime on Christmas Eve, the house was smelling good and some Christmas gifts had migrated over to the tree. 
White wine Sangria was made - so good - I think this will be a tradition here!
Kitchen appetizer bar/island ready for noshing.
 Scrabble games were played...
 gingerbread house made...
 People kicked back and relaxed
The dinner table wasn't fussy and the menu was simple and delish.
In low light with candles on, it's hard to photograph - it was a sweet dinner with my favorite people.  We didn't make it to church this year, and no one was bothered by that.
Hubby's post gift-opening job is to take care of "tech support"
More relaxing by the fire, and more games!  
I'm always ready for Christmas to come to a close and move forward into a New Year.  But it was so nice to have all of my dear ones together under the same roof for a couple of days.

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