Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where to begin?

We now have a spare room that is morphing into my sewing and craft room/guest room.  I have always wanted this for our house - and now I feel paralyzed at how to go about creating it.  So,  I'm taking it one teensy step at a time.  Starting with this brass planter:
I really should have taken a before pic - it was ridiculously gross.  Someone at Hubby's office had planted something directly into it, without a pot or liner, and the buildup of dirt and lime was terrible.  He brought the thing home a month or so ago, and the plants were beyond saving, but I realized what a treasure was under the crud.  I spent a while scrubbing it with steel wool and CLR and wah-lah!
Pretty and shiny again and ready for some crumpled up newspapers and the odds and ends and sprigs of silk plants from my stash, with the dregs of whatever decorative moss I had.
 I added some wired burlap ribbon to the holes on the sides of the planter that probably been from handles long ago.  Just threaded florist wire through the holes and attached a simple knotted ribbon.
Then I set it on the top of those shelves and called it done. 
 It cost me nothing but elbow grease and time, and I am all about not spending any money.  (:  One project down, a million to go.  

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