Monday, August 26, 2013

Meaplan Monday #73 and the start of something new...

My "little friends" go back to school today, and while I am happy that they are all healthy and happy and growing and all, I feel a little sorry for myself.  It's lonely without them...I miss The Girl so much already.  It even seems like forever since Firstborn has been here.  I blink and they grow up!
 (Scenic Overlook - Loop 360, Austin)
Scout and I had a lot of nice time together to take pics and explore our town.  It's his senior year, so I feel like there's this giant clock somewhere, ticking down the time I have him with me.  A little depressing.
Monday - Pulled pork sammies (leftover from freezer), tots
Tuesday - Grilled chicken (leftover from freezer), carrots, BBQ beans
Wednesday - Beef and rice-a-roni meatballs, masheds, salad
Thursday - Salmon patties, ranch style green beans, mac and cheese
Friday - Mole chicken thighs, rice, yellow squash
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Stouffer's Lasagna, salad
It's also taken some getting used to , this new schedule of mine.  Wednesdays are now my grocery days, and Fridays are my house cleaning and laundry days.  Monday and Tuesday are going to be super simple dinner days - prob a lot of leftovers and crock pot meals.  
It's gonna be OK.
At least that I what I have to keep repeating.  Positive affirmations and some good planning will help get me through this changing time...

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