Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's the little things sometimes...

World's Most Fascinating Blog Photo coming up!

The teensy tiny bathroom that four kids have shared for all these years.  Nothing can stay dirty in here because it would be truly terrible with it being so teensy tiny.  So, it's clean, but needs some stuff changed out.  Last week I changed out the toilet seat.  All by my lonesome.  And I thought, Why am I putting off doing these simple things around the house that would make it more comfortable and nice for us?  And I have no answer for that...just seems like all of it together is overwhelming.
I scrubbed the entire shower area down and added a brushed nickel rod and clear rings.  And that made a nice difference, too.  I think I get caught up in seeing the many projects I need to do here and there, and procrastinate so to get them done.  But when I get these little ones done, it makes a difference in how I see my house.
And I need to just get busy on doing things around here one small step at a time.

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