Monday, July 29, 2013

Mealplan Monday #69

Today marks the start of Bubbie's marching  band experience.  Band camp begins!
It's when all the years of middle school band start to make sense in preparation for the more serious world of high school band.
It's something he's enjoyed, so I hope that will continue to be the case, even though it will be challenging and require a lot more focus and practice.  It's a positive peer group, and he will learn how to manage his time better, with all the demands of a zero hour class and practice 6 times a week...
But look how far you've come already, Bubbie...
Monday - Mexican pork for tacos, pico, cheese
Tuesday - Spaghetti and roasted garlic meat sauce, salad
Wednesday - Scalloped potatoes and ham in the crock pot with carrots
Thursday - Cheesey Bacon Bean Quesadillas*, melon or pinapple chinks
Friday - Chicken Scaloppine with orzo, green beans
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Freezer meal - Chicken  shells with creamy bechamel, salad
*recipe coming soon!
Band practice means a lot more time out in the heat of central Texas.  
(And siblings to cheer you on.)
 It brings back a flood of memories for me when Scout was in band.
 It was a lot of hard work, and while I think it was a good experience for him, I wish it had been more enjoyable and successful for him.  He eventually dropped band in favor of the guitar - more his speed.
 But those Friday night games sure were a blast. 
And we all look forward to seeing Bubbie march!
Because, as always, I am my kids' most enthusiastic fan!

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