Friday, July 5, 2013

Go 4th and relax...

We did a whole lot of nothing on July 4th.  Missing hubby who is usually the ringleader for fireworks watchin' and hot dog grillin'.  Boring, but we simply spent the day relaxing.  And eating.  And refusing to smile for the camera.  Sleepin' in, then having scrambled eggs.
 The Girl spent a well-deserved day kicking back and reading.  I love that she still reads for leisure.  I have to photograph her through a window or she'll see me...
 No love for the camera.  
And I got to lay in the backyard awhile, too, catching up on all my magazines.
Dinner was a total cheat - HEB pre-cooked ribs, some skillet potatoes with onion, some avocado and tomato with Ranch.
I'm glad we didn't brave driving out to see the fireworks.  It would have been a late night and I worked today. And it seems strange with just three of us, you know?
We got a Redbox movie, tore up some ribs, and got to bed around 10 p.m. after our exhausting food and relaxation-filled day.  And this weekend the Philmonters return!  More food and happy times ahead...

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