Monday, June 3, 2013

Mealplan Monday #63 and schools' out!

This week is the end of the school year - just three days!  Scout has finals, Bubbie is winding down on middle school, The Girl and Firstborn are steadily working their full-time jobs.  Life goes on much the same for me, though I get a break from nagging and reminding and getting up earlier than everyone else every. single. day.  I love summer!
Easy menus this week - a busy week ahead...
Monday - Freezer Meal, frozen corn
Tuesday - Mexican Dorito Casserole, salad
Wednesday - Korean Beef and boccoli, brown rice
Thursday - Homemade Mac and Cheese, peas
Friday - Freezer Meal, green beans
Saturday - Dad grill (Honey Pork Chops)
Sunday - Chicken strips, pintos, potato salad
Dessert this week is Pineapple Sponge Cake with Cool-whip*
*One can crushed pineapple, 1 box Angel Food cake mix, 13x9, 350, 30 minutes.
Our Command Center on the way to the front door?  No one was really using it.  In fact, Scout obviously didn't last Tuesday or he would have known he had guitar class and I would have been spared a trip up to the school.  So, buh bye it goes.  They each have bulletin boards in their rooms.  Time for them to organize themselves.
I may go back to a big calendar on the fridge like I used to do.  it's more likely that we will look at it in the mornings.  In the meantime, I like the uncluttered look in here.  Makes me look forward to a few spruce-up projects this summer!


Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Lucky! I wish school finished for us this week. We still go until June 26 and I am SO done! Good choice to take down the bulletin board if it is not being used! Have a great week Gina! Angie xo

Michelle said...

Hi just a reminder.
This Thursday is the end of the craft swap. Please have your swaps mailed no later then this weekend. I know everyone is excited to see what they got. If you have received your swap, please let me know so that I may feature it and your blog on my sight.


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