Friday, May 3, 2013


Thank God I work outside of the home.  We totally need my job with all of it's benefits, and though changes are happening at work, it's still where I feel valuable.  And where I can put my education to excellent use  Not here:
No offense intended to those who love to care of their families during the day by cleaning and pretty-ing up their homes.  I was once one of those people.  I really loved the feeling of accomplishment when I was done making everything clean and good-smelling and fresh for them when they got home.  Never mind that it would look exactly like this every morning.  Like I had spent the previous day playing tiddly winks.  I enjoyed the organization, the purposeful goals.  And making my own schedule out during the day.
 Still haven't  broken the cycle...
I guess now that my kids are older, and a couple of them have moved on and out, I feel like there should be more to my days.  Until I figure out what that looks like, I need to work extra hours. Even being out of your house for a few hours a day makes it seems like a wonderful place.  Not a place of drudge and mindless boredom.  Which is what I feel.  And I'm not ungrateful for my home, I just need a break from it.  But just to stay mindful of all that I have and all I've been given, here is my nightly prayer:
Thank you God, for giving me this day - right where I am. 
Trying to stay mindful and grateful, even in the midst of boredom.  That's my goal. 


Michelle said...

I just went thru something like this. I was laid off a while back. So I became a stay at home mom. At first I loved having the time to care for my family. Clean house,Do they wash done for them ect,ect. But now I want to kill them. It like I am now their servant. They expect me to finish their wash that they left in the washer, They leave things out for me to pick up. They can't wash a single plate. It wasn't like this when I worked. I need a new job! Ok Sorry I am done ratting and raving.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I have days like that too Gina! Sometimes I leave the kitchen and just do once clean-up a day because I could foo-foo in the kitchen all day and not get anything else done! And I tell them on the weekends that I am off duty! Have a great week! Angie xo


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