Friday, May 31, 2013

No more laundry at Mom and Dad's

How can I miss him if he won't go?  Seriously.  
He shows up just about every day.
  It's not like I don't worry for him and still want to see him now and again, but if he never breaks free of his parent's home, he won't know how to handle life's little inconveniences and problem solve them for himself.  Plus, his laundry has automotive grease on it.  It can no longer be washed in my machine along with everyone else's stuff.
I think he misses us.  And I think he's a bit lonely.
But it's time for baby bird to cope on his own.  The only way you can learn about life in that Big Adult World is go on and live it...
Don't worry 'bout a thing, Firstborn.  You'll do great.

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Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

My 16 year old daughter had been doing her own laundry for a few years now, but I recently put my 12 yr. old son in charge of his. I am trying to work on my blog full-time to earn some money and I can't do everything. So they must do their own laundry and also I shut their bedroom doors so I don't have to look at them. They are responsible for their own bedrooms now! We have to make hard decisions sometimes about getting these kids ready to be on their own I am finding. And let them learn on their own! Great post!


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