Monday, May 27, 2013

Mealplan Monday #62 and Bubbie in band

 In just a few days Bubbie will leave middle school forever.
And so will I.  It's been a looooong three years for me - preceded by 8 years of his older siblings through the same middle school.  I am as ready for middle school to end at my house as I was for elementary school to end - there were 15 years of that.  Yikes.
He's staying in band, which is great, and now will play the marching band version of euphonium - baritone.  The first day he got it, he came home and immediately started polishing it up and practicing it.
Monday - Dad grill for Memorial Day
Tuesday - Mole Enchiladas, black beans, salad 
Wednesday - Stir fry, ramen
Thursday - Crispy Cheddar Chicken, rice, brussels sprouts
Friday - Pizza Night - mom no cook!
Saturday - Turkey Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, baby limas
Sunday - Pork and Pasta Bake, salad
Dessert this week is Peanut Butter Texas Sheet Cake
(the menu this week uses up a lot of freezer items!)
Onward, to high school...

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