Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Food planning is a tricky thing...

Monday I did my usual thing after taking Bubbie up to the dentist to see about a broken bracket.  It was a busy weekend, and I  felt terrible, but I knew I had to get a couple things done before going back to bed.  Catching a virus is an occupational hazard when working at a hospital.  But I don't get PTO at my home job...
Anyway, after I had put everything up, it seemed to me as though I hadn't planned as well as I liked.  We had a LOT of food already in the freezer, and our fridge is fairly full.  Which isn't terrible, of course, and I know it won't stay that way, but is it really necessary to buy a full week's worth of groceries at a time when I already have things I can cook, right there in the freezer?  Plus, even with coupons, I ended up spending a lot.
 There are complete meals in there, just waiting to be worked into menus.  We aren't even finishing up all of each meal like we used to, so there's leftovers aplenty.  I so hate wasting food.
With more than enough in the pantry, too, I think I will change up how I shop next week.  Instead of making out menus the previous week, typically Wednesday, I think I will wait until Monday actually gets here, then decide what to buy for the week.  And next week, I want to use up a few of those things in the freezer I had forgotten about. It will be interesting to see what I can come up with for meals!

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