Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crafty Swap

It's threatening to storm out, and I needed a break from helping Firstborn with his laundry - yes, he moved out.  More on that later...Michelle at Michelle's Little Piece of Heaven is having a craft swap.  Count me in!  I haven't been so lucky on these "swaps" in the past, but they are fun to do.  Perfect day for it.
 Some day I'll have a craft room.  Until then, I haul everything out into the kitchen.  I went through my scraps to find some beautiful color.  My plan was to make my "swappee" (that's not a word...) a couple of book marks and a coaster for a mug of coffee or tea.  I can't spend a bunch on this and you can tell I'm not a crafter.  But it was fun!  I even made a couple coasters for The Girl, who has been forgetting to use her Tervis tumbler.
 I love the combo of these colors.  Sort of antique.  In fact, a couple of the prints are Civil War reproductions.  The others are from some Pottery Barn napkins and scraps from various projects.
I put them together with some Taste of Austin and Taste of San Antonio coffees, and a Texas postcard.  One of my favorite things is putting my feet up in the evenings with a good book and a glass of wine.  Maybe she likes to do the same thing.
Hope Donna enjoys her little sussies!

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Michelle said...

They look great. And everybody loves coffee. At least in this house they do.


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