Saturday, April 13, 2013

More random annoyances

It's Saturday, and I don't usually post on Saturdays, but it has been such a craptastic week, I just felt like I should share.  It started out with IBS rearing it's ugly head after several years of blissful peace last Saturday.  As of Friday night, it has slacked off.  My whole abdomen is still achey and sore.
Only old people has so many pills to take each day that they have to organize them and set them out so they don't forget.  This week we also learned that Hubby's cholesterol is elevated and he's got to take major steps to improve it before summer camp.  He is resistant to adding even one more pill to his day, so we are making dietary changes.  I may as well, too, as I am 9 points over the recommended level.  Would you look at that fish oil capsule?  Horrifying.  I hate hate hate swallowing pills.
It's a well known fact that once you start posting your lab results on the inside of a medicine cabinet on multiple sticky notes that you are old. 
And if you run out of room to organize your pill bottles.  This is the little basket that used to have one or two bottles in it, like Motrin and vitamins.  It sits by the coffeepot.  It's almost not big enough now. This is like right out of my grandmother's kitchen. 
 I spent two hours of one of my precious days off cleaning the closet and it looks the same.  It's just that now all the stacks of crap are neater, and I vacuumed.
That didn't stop Hubby from complaining he couldn't find his stuff.  Are you kidding me? It was barely controlled chaos, how did he find it before?  And I hate that metal shelf.  When Firstborn goes, I am officially getting my walk-in closet back, complete with pretty light fixture, no metal shelves allowed.  Also, all the photo albums are going.
This week has been all about my nagging and pestering and cajoling and bugging my kids, too.  On Thursday, Bubbie shopped with another scout for food for this weekend's campout.  I was there in the store checking in on them now and again, making suggestions.  Yet, you are looking at all the food they purchased, save a quart of OJ and a package of wienies. 99% carbs.  I'm sure he will return on Sunday very hungry.  I am getting so tired of debating with my people over random things - broken phones, bedtimes, proper nutrition, homework, teeth brushing, getting a shower, helping with chores.  That, plus the awesomeness of feeling sick all week has me burnt.  The only bright ray here is that Hubby finally filed the tax return.  With 3 days til the deadline.  
OK, I'm done now.  I could go on forever.  Time to put my feet up with my wine and pet the cat.
Happy weekend,

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