Monday, April 1, 2013

Mealplan Monday #54 and a plan for change

There's only one thing Sugar is remotely interested in from any of us - food.
The screaming for food is wearing my nerves thin.  If you feed her dry cat food, she doesn't chew it thoroughly, eats too much, and barfs.  Even when feeding her canned food, she will over-eat and barf.  So I have her on a fairly strict schedule of 1/2 a small can of food 3 times a day. 
This is not acceptable to her.
Monday - Bruschetta Meatloaf, frozen veggie (never made this last week!)
Tuesday - Cheese Enchiladas, salad
Wednesday - Mediterranean pork chops, butternut squash
Thursday - Pot of beans with Easter ham bone
Friday - Baked Tilapia with bell pepper/onion/tomato, jambalaya brown rice
Saturday - Hubby grills
Sunday - Chicken Pot Pie (from freezer)
In other news, I have tried this week to start the process of eliminating processed foods from my menus, as well as not rely so much on pasta, potatoes, and rice.  It is going to be a process, though - I'm not throwing out groceries.  Also, we will start having a meatless meal once a week, and I will add more dried beans in, as well as leaner meats.  Not everyone will be happy with the changes at first.
But in the long run, I expect we'll all feel better!

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Marie said...

omgoodness...I have a cat just like her!!!! Same senaro!


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