Friday, April 26, 2013

Botanical chair pads

I visited my mother yesterday and took her long-awaited birthday (83) present:
 Remember the lovely tablecloth from HomeGoods? $15 and it is spill-proof, which I think will make it perfect for covering chair pads.
 On the left is the fabric, stretched and stapled over the old chair pad. It looks about 100% better than the striped sateen that was on there - and its a lot more practical.
These chairs have some lovely carved detail.  When she told me how much they cost, I was shocked.  Um, its for sure I will never spend that on chairs for my kitchen...and that was 11 years ago!
 Goodness they were dirty!
 It took me about an hour and a half to cover all four of them, including cleaning them with Murphy's Oil Soap and water.  Then I vacuumed the kitchen of loose staples and thread strings that her terrier might eat... Here she waits patiently for me so we can go eat lunch.
I really love the botanical fruit branches with butterflies and how they complement the chairs.  It goes well with the rest of the kitchen, too.
 So pretty.  
I told her I wanted them to be "perfect" and I felt I hadn't done a perfect job.  She assured me that she was thrilled with them.  I hope the fabric holds up and she enjoys them for  quite a while.  Now, to pick out a Mother's Day present for her...

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