Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moving on...

All of us at one time or another fall from grace.  Many times, we know what the right and reasonable things to do are, but we make an error in judgement, ethos, or morality and we cause ourselves and the ones we love to suffer. An error of omission is the same as an error of commission if we know better than to make it.
But we can either dwell in that sadness or move on, and learn something from the experience.  And if we are lucky or blessed or both, we have a strong family presence that can lift us up with loving hearts and pray for our forgiveness.  But we have to take the all-important step of owning our mistake.
We have to be strong, have courage in our faith, and believe that a higher power wants us to be happy and succeed.  We have to work hard, understand that all great things take time.  Don't compare ourselves to others.  Focus on our own potential.  Never give up.
 Regret is negative energy, and wallowing in sadness is a waste of time.
Something I need to remind I can share it with my children.


Michelle said...

Good post. I see a lot about this show. Pictures, comment , and everyone one is talking about it. I have never seen it. Guess I should give it a try.

We are not perfect. But thankfully the lord is very forgiving.

Annmarie Pipa said...

watching it tonight...first tv I have watched ion over 10 yrs!


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