Friday, January 25, 2013

Blue Week

I read that Monday, January 21, was considered Blue Monday - supposedly the saddest day of the year.  According to The Guardian, the Blue Monday equation takes into account such things as  'time since Christmas', 'motivational levels' and 'weather'.   Ok, well, it's been a Blue January, as far as I'm concerned.  Maybe it's all three of those variables, or maybe it's just all the other stuff we have going on at Camp Rustown.  So, I decided to give into the "blue" and spruce up a little this week.  Maybe the change of scenery will work on our psyches around here...
I'm not big on decorating for Valentine's, so blue is a welcome calming color and very pretty with the green in the front rooms.
Still,  I don't want to leave all the blue pretties out forever - maybe just through the Spring.
 I even hauled out the blue curtains and made some blue cushion covers.
 I still have to gather up all the pinecones from around the house and put them up - maybe by the end of January...
It's starting to feel different in here already!  What about you?  Feeling blah after the start of the new year?

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