Friday, December 14, 2012

Super simple decor this year

Seems like Christmas is right on top of us - for me, anyway...reviewing my schedule for the next ten days I realized that I have TWO days left to shop.  Two.  The rest of the time I will either be at work or visiting family and friends.  So, yeah.  I'm not done shopping.  But I got done decorating early so I had plenty of time for other things like sewing and crafting.  Which are always very good things!
A tiny peek:
I chose to make do with stuff I already had - with the exception of those cinnamon pine cones at Michael's that I cannot resist...super simple.  Cheap, even.  And I feel zero stress because I am not trying to make this a showplace at all.
 Just festive and seasonal for my peeps.  I want them to enter the front door and enjoy the sights and smells of a clean home without being overwhelmed by a lot of decor.
 You can tell I am fond of greenery and pine cones...and we love our Santas around here!
 I am still looking for another little tree to add to my collection on the mantle.  No hurry.  After Christmas sales are when I will see what I might snag for next year.
Each year the kids get a new ornament that I use fabric paint to personalize.  Here is this year's pick - I think they were $1.50 each at Joann's.  Unbreakable but cute!
Cinnamon playdough stars - had fun making these for co-workers, family, friends.  And I saved a few out to nestle in more greenery.
 The burlap ribbon stays.  I love it.
Look - more stars on a tiny tree in the kids' bathroom..  Shocker.  And a soldier made of tiny terra cotta pots by my favorite Junior Girl Scout - about 9 years ago...
I have a few more things out here and there, mostly because they are sentimental.  But I am very happy not to obsess this year over Christmas decor.  
What about you?  

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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Simple, but very effective. I am now following you!


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