Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cleaning therapy

It turns out that cleaning and organizing for Thanksgiving is actually therapeutic for me.  Whoda thunk?  I started with the pantry yesterday - working from the top down.
 It was time to toss out old stale things and make a list of things to buy in advance of the holiday.  I wiped down all the shelves and got to work.
I've been buying those modular storage canisters from Rubbermaid, but saw these big containers and knew they would be perfect for the breakfast shelf.  Its easy to see how low we are getting on these things now and I'm sure they will stay fresher.
I bought a small one for tea bags and labeled it.  No more hunting for the tea bag box that leaks pulverized tea dust, thank you.  I bought the small white baskets with handles at Wal-Mart, too.  They are perfect for snacks and easy to move to get to the baking supplies just beyond.  The veggie baskets got wiped down and refilled, as did the chips basket.
There were a couple of things causing the door not to close easily - an electric griddle and a lunch kit down here.  Don't know why I let those live on the floor for so long, but everything got put up or straightened, and the floor swept.  This is the only place in the house I can store craft and sewing supplies, but that's Ok because I sew and craft in here, too. 
It's such a good feeling to have it all clean and well-organized...made me feel productive!


Linda Primmer said...

Hello Gina, it's a pleasure to meet you. I am happily your newest follower. I have been getting organized myself. I started with the laundry room. It's such a good feeling, when you are finished. I want to know, who messes these places up. Ha ha. Have a great day. Linda

Marie said...

Love your basket idea in the pantry...I am inspired. My cabinets are driving me nutty lol! I have seen some great little baskets at the $1. This will be my day off project :)


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