Friday, October 12, 2012

Taming the hall closet

Around here, the closets stay fairly reasonable.  Ok, that's just because I have time on my hands and I am a FREAK about it.  Don't judge!  My closets do multiple duties - the one in the hall is a coat/games/albums/camera/gift wrap/broom and mops closet. 
Recently, I cleaned it up a bit, and the cup hooks I got for $1 helped me pull brooms and such off the floor.Where I found a multitude of dust bunnies, by the way!
Here's the rest of this closet that should be called the "Antiques Shop":
 At least 300 albums, old high school and college yearbooks, board games...
 ...lots of vintage camera equipment that still works...
Plenty of room for the vacuum and the sweeper, not to mention the gift wrap and bows.
It's all packed in, but at least everything has it's place.
What is it about Fall that makes getting closets in order so satisfying?

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