Friday, July 6, 2012

Wow - we were close!

We spent Wednesday enjoying our liberty to pursue relaxation! 
Bubbie and I went shopping and enjoyed the pool, while Hubby played with his new camera.  Scout went on a bike ride to do some photography, and Firstborn and The Girl were in and out all day.  We feasted on Elgin sausage, Buffalo grilled chicken, homemade potato salad and that poke cake. Then in the evening, we trekked to Cedar Park to watch the fireworks.  Apparently there were a billion other people with the same idea.
We found a place about a block away and made our way to Milburn Park where there was plenty of room for everyone.
We found a patch of park, spread out a quilt, and enjoyed sunset and cool breezes.
 We were just yards away from Ground Zero.  This is the closest we've ever sat. 
 Thank goodness these guys were handy...
It wasn't long before the sun set. We had no beer, no cards, no chairs - just the four of us on a blanket enjoying the evening.  Very calm, until...
I could barely hold my camera still! Scout got some impressive shots, as always:
I admit I might have shielded my eyes and covered my ears a time or two!  All around us people were saying "WOW" and there was applause from everyone after the show. 
What an exciting way to end a perfectly relaxing day!

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Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Wow! Great shots! Glad you had a great time! Angie xo


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