Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Target thrifting

Target is one of my favorite places to troll the clearance areas.  You can combine coupons with markdowns and get some great deals.  It's also pretty trendy in the land of home decor.  But lately, I've noticed that Target will jump on a designer bandwagon for about ten seconds, then slash everything down to rock bottom prices and it's gone forever.  Anyone remember Missoni for Target?  A blip in time.
When I saw the Privet House stuff, I thought "OK, same thing is gonna happen, I'll just bide my time".  And guess what?  It did!  The rope pouf/ottoman was marked from $79.99 to $23.98.  Score!  A perfect place to prop our feet up in the sitting area of the front rooms.  Matches the walls with a pretty neutral and adds some texture...I love it.
And while I was there I got a giant bag of Twizzlers for 41 cents for our movie night snack,  an $8 jug of Tide for $5, and some other miscellaneous groceries.   Thrift shopping at Tarjay - one of my favorite things!

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