Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Making it fit

Hubby has discovered Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Last weekend he bought a Cuisinart food processor.  This weekend, cookware.  Last time he asked me about cookware I said "No, please.  We don't have room for all of the pots and pans that we have, let alone new ones, and I like the old ones just fine."  He didn't listen.
And he found a set of Lodge for half price.
Where the heck am I going to put it?
Let's see, not a smidgeon of space under the stove...
 Nor under the side cabinet....
 No empty space under the island
Or the cabinet next to the sink.
 Sigh.  They are pretty, though.
 With nice heavy bottoms and clear glass lids.  I guess I could move stuff around a bit...
I made him promise not to buy any more kitchen stuff - at least until we get the new gas cooktop in...

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Jill of all Trades said...

Oh those tidy cabinets make me envious! I just got married and my new husbandloves to cook just as much as I do so now we have pots and pans and bowls and utensils ALL OVER. I can't wait until I have a chunk of time to make by cabinets look as nice as yours!


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