Friday, July 20, 2012


Bubbie and I killed some time waiting on Scout one day.  We wanted to see an exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center on the UT campus..  In all my time at UT, I had never done more than walk past that building.  I knew what it was, just never went inside...but its a beautiful free museum and had an exhibit about the history of the King James Bible.  
First things first:  we had to eat lunch.
We parked at a garage across the street from Dobie Dorm/Mall.  They have an awesome food court with student friendly prices.  The pizza place was calling our names...
 I had a Big as Yo Face spinach calzone with homemade marinara that was yum.
 Bubbie chose pizza.  I can tell you right now that he will not be able to eat all of that in one sitting and some of it will get stashed in my purse...
It was an overcast day, but even so, the UT campus always impresses me.  Not quite as perfectly landscaped as Baylor, a little more intimidating than Texas State,  but there's something about all the statues and giant oaks.  I love the giant oaks.
The HRC is awesome.  Investigate it here.  
They have the Guttenberg Bible and the world's first photograph.
And it is located on the southernmost edge of the campus.
 Inside, I was surprised at how interested Bubbie was - he spent a lot of time reading
 and admiring the exhibit.
The building has a wall of windows etched with famous scenes  - one of them is that haunting photo of the migrant family during the time of the Great Depression.
Bubbie admired the view at the bottom of the main mall.  We waited to hear the Westminster chimes, but for some reason, the bells never pealed.  We walked up to the Tower and looked back at the Capitol.  I remember seeing this view as a 20 year old and feeling goosebumps.  It always makes me wish I had worked a little harder at UT...oh, well....fate intervened...
 It had begun raining, so we headed back towards our own neck of the woods and might have stopped at Amy's on the way...
 I had to get the Strawberry Basil Pistachio ice cream - sounded too weirdly wonderful.  
Bubbie stuck with Belgian chocolate with Oreo's and Junior Mints.
One more stop - Terra Toys.  Bubbie is too old for toys, but it was fun to get in out of the rain and just look at everything.  Sometimes I wish they were all little again, thinking toy stores are magical places...
Stuffed animals and Austin. 
 OK, time to go pick up Scout.
Ever go exploring in your own town?

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Marie said...

I miss Amy's ice cream! : )
Looks like you guys had a fun day, I love exploring...


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