Friday, June 8, 2012

Scratch these items off...

Does everyone else have a To Do list that never seems to get smaller?  A lot of times it's the projects that are just not that cause me to stumble.  Then when I get them done I think  "why didn't I do that sooner?"  Like replacing a cellular shade that had a broken cord:
(Taking the wallpaper down from the kitchen is on the list, too)
And re-framing a piece of art in the master bedroom that The Girl did in 7th grade:
It's hard to get a close up, since the glass isn't non-glare.  
Hubby brought some very nice metal frames home, so the project cost me zero.
And have I mentioned before that I love my kids' art
So my master list is two items down, a bazillion to go.  I'm not listing them on the blog because then I would be under pressure to produce!  But I will say that when the boys go off to camp, I plan on there being days of list-tackling madness.. mostly so I get some things done, but also so I don't fret over being bored or lonely.
Five days of no laundry or cooking.  Just seeing what all I can get done...

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