Monday, June 25, 2012

Mealplan Monday #14 with boys return from camp

For some reason, we don't seem to be able to make a dent in the freezer stockpile.  Maybe because the boys were any case, we still have plenty of food in there, and that ought to make the shopping trip easy this week, too!
Rustown Art

Monday - Cheese quesadillas, guacamole, pico, black beans
Tuesday - Salmon/chicken (freezer leftovers), mac and cheese, carrots
Wednesday - Brinner: Eggs, monkey biscuits, home fries
Thursday - Pulled pork sammies (freezer item), Queso blanco dip and Fritos
Friday - Freezer leftover Tuscan Chicken, green beans, garlic toast
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Freezer leftover Chicken Rice casserole, salad
The boys are back from camping and today we get a mountain of clothes cleaned and put away...but for now, sleeping in is the first item on their agenda...

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