Saturday, June 16, 2012

Maybe figs this Summer?

When we were taking the pics for the Father's Day card I noticed that our yard had mostly recovered from the exceptional drought of last summer.  There are still areas where the grass is sparse, but with careful watering, it will come back.  Plus, I had scattered some grass seed to fill in bare spots. 
 The most exciting thing for me, though, is that the fig tree seems to be doing great.
 It's making baby figs already!  So If I can just keep it watered and the drought doesn't cause the birds and squirrels to get desperate, maybe we'll get a fig or two.
 I love figs.  My mother makes the best fig jam with very thin slices of lemon. 
 I could eat it out of the jar by itself.  And I do.
Come on, little fig tree!  You can do it!

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