Saturday, May 5, 2012

In the pink!

Is it silly to go ga-ga over new shoes? 
I was the high bidder on a pair of 
hot pink Dr. Marten's slides on Ebay and
 I. Am. In. Love. 
These shoes are totally me.
They are my third pair of Dr. M slides and I love that the sole is less chunky, cause your calves do get a workout wearing 5 pound shoes!  The last pair I bought were brand spanking new from Salvation Army, with a $120 price tag still on them - I paid $3.  They were espresso leather and went with everything.  I wore them until they fell apart.  The pair before that were a shimmery bug green.  I got so many compliments on them and  wore them all the time.  I finally got rid of them when I could no longer get them to smell decent enough to bring into the house.  No joke.
These - ahhh!  They make me want to run out and buy a lot of pink stuff so I can live in them every day!
They look big, but that's because I haven't broken them in. 
They are perfect.
And, I'll be needing some new nail polish on my toesies - something sparkly to play off the bling. 
Can't wait to wear them all summer!


Marie said...

Hi Gina,

Great pink shoes! I have been wanting Dr. M's for the longest! Even went into a store to see if they had any...they only had one pair that was not what I was looking for. (I need the best deal possible and your $3.00 was a SCORE!) I want some of those ankle boots : )
Cute! In Texas, those sandals are perfect and the pink is adorable.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Love the pink! It's my fav colour! If you don't have a lot of that shade of pink in your wardrobe, you could probably get away with some earrings, necklace or bracelet in that colour to tie it all together! Angie xo

Jennifer Juniper said...

You can't go wrong with pink!

You said something about pinning comfort food - me too!


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