Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scrubs spiff

I remember when we were little, having blue jeans with  iron-on patches adorning them.  In fact we had them on lots of our things - apparently they were an inexpensive way to spruce up kid's clothing.  Not any more.  They seem really expensive to me but I needed something on the plain black scrubs I wear to work.
 This butterfly and blue dove 'tatoo' were 1.99 each. 
 As were these tiny hearts.  gee whiz. Iron on patches went and got expensive! 
But they will look cute next to the big one above.
This Disney one is large, and at 4.99 the priciest, but cheaper than ordering them on-line and my JoAnn's now carries them in store.  I think it will appeal to both big and little girls at the hospital.
Iron on patches jazz up my very plain, and very solid black, scrubs.  
And these are inexpensive scrubs from Wal-Mart so I guess it all evens out!
I spiffed up three tops, but I would like to do more - maybe add a few small butterflies to the one on the far right.  Maybe take them somewhere to get my name embroidered on them.  
Anything to make them less severe!
But I think this one is my favorite.
Whatcha think? Anyone out there use iron on patches any more?

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