Friday, February 17, 2012

February blahs...

Yesterday I found the simplest task to be (almost) beyond me - just putting away the pine cones at the front door that were leftover from holiday decorating, and fixing up new front door decor.
You wouldn't think that this had taken me over an hour to do...but it did.  It felt like slogging thru mud with boots on to get this accomplished.  I spray painted the durn thing, then distressed it.  But it's not like spray paint takes a long time to dry.  All I had to do was gather up some greenery and make it look was like the creative part of my brain was not functioning at all.
I'm finding it hard to pull myself up out of the February blahs - the weather here is gorgeous and warm and there's no reason I can see for's possible that I just need a break from the drudgery...
so when is Spring Break?

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