Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scenes from the New Year

It's been a busy time since Christmas. 
Working those extra hours and  LOTS of extra cooking and laundry.
Coming home from work on New Year's Day I found:
 The Girl's gear packed and ready to go in the front room,
 a delicious smelling dinner of Ham balls, cabbage, and black eyed peas - 
with champagne chilling in the fridge,
 and the den couch inhabited by people relaxing and watching TV.
 But here we are on Tuesday morning - just a day away from the holidays, 
which seem so far away...
The Girl is safely back at college,
 the boys slowly getting back into routine,
 and my second desk on the kitchen island brimming with my "put off" list including running to the bank, dropping off books at the library, putting oil in my car, going by Walgreen's, vacuuming the house, and ironing...plus we will squeeze in a movie and a good dinner. 
It's off to a slow start, and I haven't had time to be creative - yet.
  I'm getting there...

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