Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nosy cat 'fix'

I love having real plants indoors, but  Sugar will not leave them alone.  She will maul them and dig in them and then go puke them onto the carpet.  This year most of my outdoor pots went to live in the garage for a few months but these lucky ones got a new home in the kitchen window:
 Beautiful cacti!  Don't ask me their names - I have no idea.  I just love how they have natural protection from my nosy cat.  And the terra cotta pots are perfect for them, as well as the bright light from this window.
I picked up this pretty one from Home Depot today for about $5.  It added a bit of color where I had taken down Christmas decor.  Plus, cacti are great for lazy gardeners - like me.  It's been since Thanksgiving that they've been here - unmolested by Sugar.  They definitely don't taste - or feel - as good as they look!

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