Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun at Pottery Barn

I had a credit to spend at PB so I went to see what was on clearance and lookee what I got:
 A cute stuffed calico-ish bird that sits next to my glazed ceramic thrift store find.  I think PB had a bird themed Christmas selection...anyhoo, she didn't look Christmas-y and I love her up here! 
 And these!  The most beautiful napkins ever.  And not just because of the colors...
 The price, too!
They made a pair of toss pillows with some solid scraps of fabric for the backs.  
I still have a lot of decor out from the holidays - pine cones, evergreens, crochet snowflakes and such, because it seems so drastic to take every thing down that's winter-related....
but I love adding more color to brighten it up! 

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