Tuesday, December 13, 2011

She wants a dog...

The Girl dog-sat for our neighbors on Thanksgiving weekend.  
It included taking them out for walks one at a time - they have two Blue Heelers. 
 She took Bubbie with her and I trailed along, out of breath!
This is Allie, the oldest.  She loves tummy rubs and The Girl.
 "Mom, I reaaaally want a dog!", she says, every time she dog-sits.  I remind her that she has a lot to accomplish before she graduates college. She's just now learning to fend for herself and live on her own, and her dad and I feel like a dog would complicate things.
 I know she would love it and take care of it.
 And bathe it.  And scoop poop.  It would be a good companion and protector.  I know.
She makes some good points for it.
But taking care of a dog is so much more than that.  So I hope she will hang in there until graduation.  I plan on getting her one then, when she has the home and the time, and the means to give it a lifetime of love.

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