Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday after Christmas

What's your tradition for "Day After"?  Here it involves sleeping in, drinking coffee, and wondering what's to eat...I told Hubby I think our new tradition should be going to pizza buffet at Double Dave's!  (:  While we wait for everyone to actually GET UP and get going I can haul out the leftover snacks from Christmas Eve...including this dip I made from the last can of pumpkin from Thanksgiving:
I served it with graham crackers - yummy.  Even good for after Christmas breakfast!  (:  Go here for the recipe.  I made it in my new Pampered Chef stoneware pie plate from my sister - so pretty! 
I see  Chicken Pot Pies in my future in 2012...
Now to rouse everyone into getting rolls and salad are calling my name...

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