Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scout's Halloween Birthday

Halloween was a lot of fun here, even though the whole week hasn't been so great...
Monday or not, we were going to party!
Scout and Miss A practiced their carving skills as soon as they got home from school,
while I set out pumpkin spice cupcakes, goldfish, Muddy Buddies, 
and a honey peanut and candy corn combo
 Pretty simple snacks, really - meant to appeal to teens.
 The main dish was Chili Frito Pies with some Honey BBQ chicken wings on the side.  Yum!
Spiced cider and beer for the grown folk, Dr. Pepper for the kids...
 And I showed some mad carving skills myself!
 Dad was up to his usual display tricks for the treaters - the theme here was teen lawn care people,...
...teen drivers, and just all-around "Beware of Teens".  I pretty much gave the kids the run of the backyard and patio, but guess where they migrated?  To the driveway where the adults sat giving out candy  (:
 Lots of silliness went on - they really lived up to the Beware of Teens theme, 
scaring unsuspecting trick or treaters!
It was a nice break in the routine for Scout and friends!

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