Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kids bathroom update

 Before - orange peel texture and yellow paint.
After - "Spanish Moss" and knockdown texture.
I think the problem with the yellow was it's intensity.  And yes, the Fall clings went bye-bye, too!
I plan on adding one of those beautiful wall quotes to the mirror, and talk hubby into framing it out.
Everything looks so clean in here now.  I will change out these prints with the season - maybe add a couple more next time I visit IKEA for frames.
The Hunter green had run it's course...this shower curtain is as old as our house, built in 1993...
The new shower curtain is fabric, not plastic, and has a pretty grey stripe in it.  I love how it looks with the green.  One thing I learned is that the light bulb you choose can make a difference in how the paint color looks.  I'm not gonna get all crazy because it isn't exactly matchy-matchy;  I just want it to coordinate.
Another thing I have learned with bathrooms - white towels can be bleached so they are a very good choice for kids!  I re-framed the silhouette art from a while back - don't know if it will live here forever, but the newly painted wall was a blank and I wanted to pretty it up.  
The 'mat' for all the framed pictures is a sheet of cork, cut to fit.  I love the texture of cork!
I am OK with silk plants.  I will change this out for a small Christmas tree after Thanksgiving.
And maybe add tiny pine cones to this candle vase.
Looking at the before and afters I realize that what I was trying to do was get away from the harsh of the yellow against the Hunter green and create a softer look - still green because it's one of my favorite colors in the home - so calm and natural.  I kept the white instead of accentuating the cream on the shower curtain - it looks fresher and I wanted to stay within my very limited budget!   I scrubbed down the cabinets and doors and hubby added some new brushed nickle door stops. Just need to tweak a bit with decor.
Whatcha think?

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