Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another smidge

I learned to translate several of my hubby's phrases.  The most used one is:  "I'll get to that this weekend", which means "I'm in no hurry to do that, but I want you to stop asking".  So after I heard that on the closet shelves for the third or fourth time, I decided to do it myself.  In two or three hours today.  Cause that's how much stuff there was to deal with.  So, here's where I'm at on the closet project:
 Organized the things on the shelves and took a load of crap out to the garage.
 Here are about half of the gimme caps, neatly hung on cup hooks.
Hung some miscellaneous pics and his radio operator clock on the wall above my clothes - might as well use the space to keep them out of harm's way.
The rest of my clothes hanging...
 ...then the shelves, then his side.  He's got a tiny nook in there I want to put a couple of pretty catch-all containers for his change, etc.
 He has way more clothes than I do...
But the best part is the floor.  I will never tire of the expanse.  After almost 13 years of this being an office with NO floor space and a fight to get to my clothes, I am pretty happy with this.  Think I will ever get done?  Still need:
*pretty light fixture
*A chair or something for him to sit on - the ottoman is too small
*And I would LOOOVE to get rid of 90% of what is on the shelves above his clothes....
but for now, I am done with this!


Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

It looks amazing Gina! You did an amazing job! The work notes your uncovered are a real gem! I think you should frame them too! Angie xo

Marie said...

You are the most organized person I know!
The closet looks so good. Is your husband still doing his ham radio out of the closet? : )


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