Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where did it go?

My brain, that is...Did I just lose it one day and not realize it?  Back in May, when we were supposed to get the high school band uniform cleaned, pressed and returned to school, I did so.  I thought.  The uniform lady pulled Scout aside and told him he had returned the wrong tux shirt - the one like the middle school band kids wore.  I wrote her a haughty email assuring her that no, I sent the correct shirt in - it was the one he was issued.  So, she dropped the subject.
Then, while doing the master closet organization and clean out from hell, I found this hanging in hubby's shirts.  The tux shirt.  That belongs to the high school band.  Oops. I emailed the woman back to apologize, took the shirt immediately up to the school (5 months late), and then realized - now we are out a middle school band shirt....sigh.  I used to think I was so organized and on top of things...and I definitely need to investigate thoroughly before I dash off an email...

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