Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love me some Smith & Hawken!

I was supposed to be decorating for Halloween, but I had to make a stop at Tarjay and lookee what I found::
Beautiful rattan pumpkins!  I pretty much love Smith & Hawken, so I gravitate over to that part of the store to see what has gone on clearance lately....
I love the natural detail.  Love that they can stay put right here from now til Thanksgiving is over.  And I love that they were half price.  $11 for the pair!
I put them on the bookcase in the hall leading into the den.  I also put the amber glass vase of eucalyptus back - you can't beat the smell of eucalyptus.  It's a natural look that is simple and effective.
With the burlap runner here, they look right at home!

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