Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gone batty!

Yesterday I got the bright idea to create some bats to hang outside in the front yard.  Then I remembered:  it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  Hmmm...I didn't want to put forth all that effort for nothing.  So I decided to hang them in the dining room instead.  Here is my prototype:
Awwww...I think Bubbie made this waaay back in Pre-K.  I hang it up every year, but it's getting kinda beat up.  Time to make some new ones!  I used to make them out of exposed x-ray film and hang them in the trees out front.  That seems eons ago.  We don't have much of that around anymore since everything, including x-rays, are digital nowadays!
I gathered up some empty tp rolls and painted them black.  Yes, we had six empty tp rolls.  (What are people doing with all the tp around here??)  Then I got out some construction paper and traced the bat wings to be similar to the one Bubbie made.
I put hot glue along the rim of one end and added a bat head.  Then I stapled the wings and a string of skinny black rick rack in the center of the back.  So simple even a Pre-K'er can do it...
 I also added orange eyes with fabric paint - just more Halloween-ish, I think!
Then I hung them from the light fixture over the dining table.
I like the skinny rick rack.  Looks spooky!
They all fly at different heights.  It's so hard to get a good pic of this with all the stuff in the background. 
I call it our Bat Chandelier!
They fly alongside the original one which I will keep and treasure forever - it's that way with all the art my peeps make.  I can't bear to throw any of it away!
Added a bit of black and white ribbon left over from the memo board I made hubby to the project fail that I will tell you about doesn't look as bad to me now that it's been sitting here a few days...
Time to stop goofing off and get dinner started!



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