Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Front door Halloween

Monday dawned and I was ready to decorate for Halloween.  One little problem, though:  I have no idea what happened to the box of Halloween decorations from last year.  For me, that is huge.  I'm usually pretty organized.  I can't believe I would have purged all of it, so it had to be in the attic.  But since I am deathly afraid of going into the attic, I had to make do!
 I collected some branches from the neighborhood greenbelt,and added some that were spray painted black.
Added a couple of pumpkins from the grocery store...
 And a couple of hairy spiders...which make me jump every time I leave the house, because I'm such a ninny!
The big one is from Wally World, the smaller one from Walgreen's.
Wrapped some Halloween garland around a grapevine wreath and added a chipboard 
hanging sign from Joann's (60% off!)
Something I noticed:  pumpkins from the store are always dirty - clean em up with a bit of Orange Glo and they shine!  Plus the front door area will smell orange-y wonderful...
I like that I was able to use some natural elements - I think I am leaning more 
and more towards that in my home.
A little plain, but it will do for now.  I have some lights to string up and I might add a few more branches for drama.  After all they're free!  Plus, eventually, hubby will find that box for me...

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1 comment:

Marie said...

love your decorations. : )
Especially that spider...
that is the size they are in
Texas lol! : )


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