Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ficus rescue

Back when the summer was blazing, I moved my ficus over to a corner of the yard under the oaks just to save it from frying on the deck.  It loved it there.  Grew another foot or so.  Little did I realize, it was supporting it self on the swing.  When I moved the swing to blow out the red rocks, lookee what happened:
 Yikes!  It can't even support it's own height!  Not sure if that's the pot's fault, or what.  But I really want to leave it here, as it camo's the cords from the bug zapper and landscape lighting.
I rooted around in the garage and found a curtain rod from a failed attempt to hang curtains in the master bedroom.  It was the perfect length and strength to help lend some support.
 I just stuck in down deep into the pot, and secured the tree with a bit of twine in a couple of places.
 The rod is slender enough to be unobtrusive in the tree,
Then I moved the big pot from the front door over, to balance out the space.
Plus, I needed to clear the front door area to decorate for Halloween.
 I like how shady and cool this area of our yard is.
 While I was out there, I gave the hedgehog a bath in some orb spray paint.
 I think he turned out snazzy!  He props open the back gate letting cool breezes blow through...
 After an hour or so of sprucing this area looks neat again.
 A nice place to sip my wine or read a book in the afternoon...

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Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

Your spot likes so nice and cozy. I'd love to spend some time reading a good book there.


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