Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mama Bear

The Mama Bear within, when wakened, is not a pretty sight.  I consider myself a reasonable person, and I can tolerate a fair amount of nonsense - after all I have 4 kids.  But when someone messes with them...I gotta tell ya, it gets me a little hot.  I won't go into details but here is what my daughter was offered as helpful items  for her new college apartment:
Oh, and there was also an assortment of dirty pillows, a suitcase with a broken zipper pull, some bar glasses that say "Bailey's", and a restaurant bussing bin.  Just the things you need if you are going to a Baptist university that has a challenging curriculum, right?  Not to mention that mom, dad, and daughter have worked like fiends to get everything in place from financing, to tuition, to a place to live - no small feat since we were under the time gun.  So this is like a slap in the Mama Bear's muzzle.
Am I wrong to think that this person does not have my daughter's best interests at heart?  When I mentioned that hooker shoes were not on the back-to-school list,  I was told it's not about me.  Oh, I can assure you, it is about me - and the rest of my family - if I perceive you to be trying to cause us harm.
Mama Bear will come out and bite you.  
And you won't be able to run from me in shoes like that...

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